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Zebra MC2180 Scanner: Function & Specification

The Zebra MC2180 scanner is the perfect index management for the cost-conscious enterprises. It automatizes the capture of index data affordably exactly at the point of the project.

Zebra mc2180 Barcode Scanner


With MC2180 mobile computer, you get the great features including huge processing efficiency, super user-friendly system, rigorous design, and workplace competency in data capturing, PTT or enterprise level push-to-talk, plus assembled maintenance. Moreover, this scanner allows you to make cross-platform apps which can be operated with a specific operating system on particular mobile computers with the support of the Zebra Technologies RhoElements application improvising feature.

Here we have pointed out the best functions and overall specifications of the MC2180 scanner. Let’s have a glance at them-




  • User-friendly system

Using this mobile computer is very simple. You just have to press a button and an option of touchscreen elucidates data collection, for navigation the users can tap the screen through the application and can input data instead of doing that manually. This scanner has eliminated the need of paper-based job work forms which included transcription and manual operator.

  • Easy supporting application process and cost-effectiveness

No required of maintaining particular operating systems with its easy supporting application process. This cost-effective scanner makes you choose the appropriate device for each project freely, indifferent of the operating system.

  • Rigorously designed for day to day use

Despite the unpreventable bumps, drops and spills, the MC2180 scanner continues working with its IP54 sealing, a Corning Gorilla Glass exit window, recessed keypad.

  • Best performance

The MC2180 scanner offers you the experience of desktop-style with the combination of super fast processor and foremost memory.

  • Great Scanning Efficiency

You get the ultimate choices of scan engine including the 1-D linear imager, 1-D/2-D area imager or a 1-D laser with the MC2180 than any other scanners in its category. Moreover, these scan engines can decode dirty, damaged and scuffed bar codes on the very first scan.

  • Super Collaboration System

You get the supreme collaboration system with the integrated Push-to-Talk or PTT Express including group broadcasting as well as private response, voice communication web creation through different networks.

  • Easy Management of your device

With the Zebra’s Mobile Device management or MDM solutions, you can remotely manage, update, troubleshoot or monitor your worldwide located Zebra mobile computers.

  • Ergonomically easy to use

The MC2180 scanner is designed to light weighted with comfort and engineered for one-hand operation. With a secured holding option through the finger pole on the back and seized keys, it provides well balanced single hand used operation.





  • Dimensions- 6.76 in. H x 1.34 in.D x 2.40 in. W
  • 8” QVGA display with backlight. TFT-LCD, 64k colors.
  • Resistive touch panel.
  • 27-key numeric keypad; side buttons with 2 programmable.
  • Marvell PXA 320 624 MHz CPU
  • Microsoft Inserted CE 6.0 Core & Pro operating system
  • 256MB Ram /256 MB ROM
  • IP54 sealing
  • User replaceable 2400 mAh rechargeable Smart Li-lon battery
  • 1D linear imager, 1D/2D area imager, laser scanner options
  • Speaker and microphone audio options
  • Voice-directed picking of TekSpeech Pro certified


The MC2180 scanner is suitable for manufacturing and retail industries. This device is designed for replenishment, receiving, picking, index and asset management, price management, WIP tracking, package delivery tracking etc. The value-priced scanner is proudly putting on potentials at error-free and higher productivity working environment.

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