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How To Set Up a Barcode Scanner With Excel

We all know that Microsoft Excel is the most familiarly used electrical spreadsheet software on desktops or laptops. It is quite normal to get confused at setting up barcode scanner with excel program.

Today we will have a long discussion on how to set up a barcode scanner with excel.

Barcode scanner is a great way to avoid human error. And also it provides us speed at our work. On the other hand, when a barcode scanner connects with an excel data sheet program through the computer program, they offer sensibility as well as the error-free result to your business work.


How To Set Up A Barcode Scanner With Excel


barcode scanner setup


You might get it very complicated but from the prospect of the application or operating system, it is very simple. It refers to a scanned barcode as just a document and it places the document wherever you keep the active pointer.

Let’s make a clear concept on how to set up a barcode scanner with Excel with the following actions-


Step 1

At first, make the connection of your barcode scanner with your PC.


Step 2

Secondly, install any provided scanner supportive software by the scanner manufacturer. The driver should start loading automatically once you plug your barcode scanner into the USB port.


Step 3

Now start the excel software. Then keep your mouse pointer in a position of a cell and scan any barcode. The scanned barcode (maybe numbers or any other type of information) will be shown in the cell.


Step 4

Now adjust the size of the barcode that is showing on your screen like fix its wide, height, module width etc. Now you can make entry of the barcode data or can operate the default information for the barcode you selected. And on the contrary, your computer might have the option of pre-characterized “Tab”/ “Enter” barcode.


In this article, you get to know the fast, simple and reliable way to set up your barcode scanner with Excel program which provides proficiency as well as efficiency to your business. You can also connect your barcode scanner with Excel through TBarCode Office. That will be easier and faster for you.


Another methodology is Excel Barcode Add-Inn which helps you to create single barcodes with high professionalism. We will know about these extensively in our next coming articles.

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