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Your privacy and security matters to us most. On our website, at www.bestbarcodereview.com our visitors’ privacy is our first preference.

While using the Best Barcode Review, you can trust us with your information. Our privacy policy is formed to support you understand what info we collect, and the reason behind of it and what our procedure with it is.

It is very significant for us to ensure security and protection to your personal information when you give it to our site. We take all essential steps to protect your personal data very sincerely.

We assure you that whatever personal data is given to this website will be kept uninterrupted surely private. They won’t be depleted, changed, chartered or else disclosed. Our policy is designed to support you in taking primed decision while using our website, our products as well as services.

We need your personal information due to the centralized system and analytical related cause and advertisement. You may give us two kinds of personal data while taking around on our website. One is collected on an individual basis that you consciously choose to leak. And second is personal data collected on a corporate basis as visitors browse our site.


Information Collection Process  

You may give personal information like name, website URL information, email address, home or business phone number; if you select to download any of our services. And secondly, we utilize the standard technologies like cookies, web beacons or web server identifiers to collect how you used our website such as your used browser, operating system and your IP address. It is important for delivering better service for you.

We can also access to your other private data only with authorized approval by you like your used social network, phone-book, or messages. It is just for the purpose to provide services to you.


Using & Sharing Of Your Personal Information

We are the one and only owners of the collected information on our website. We strictly prohibit disclosing the information. Against illegal approach and advertisement of your personal information, we take every essential step.  Though, we cannot give you any surety to save your information on security or encoding method from programmer or hacker.

But we confirm you about not to share your personal information with any outsider of our website. Except for you do not ask us, we may make contact with you through email in the next to provide you knowledge on our special new products, services and any changes made to this privacy policy.


What Do We Do With The Information Collected From Cookies?

There are small files saved by your browser on your computer called cookies. In order to continue development to our site and improved service to our customers, we operate cookies and Web server identifier to collect information about the Web site visitor’s browsing activity. This information is very valuable since they assist us to design and rearrange our site for the constant improvement so that we can more efficiently meet our customers.

By accepting the use of cookies you can take part in posting comments, reviews and also in voting. But you can prevent your cookies from saving your detail information like – your name, phone number, address or other details if you want. For this, you have to change your browser setup. And with this, you may mishap some features and facilities of our site.


How Do We Utilize The Information Provided To Us By You?

Our main target is to administering our business life, providing the best service to the visitors and making other services to our expected visitors with the information that you provide to us. Sometimes we use the information collected from you to let you know about new upcoming services and any special offer that may prove valuable to you.


Your Accessibility and Control Over

Our visitors have total accessibility with their provided information on our website. You can see if we have any information about you and what it is. You have the access to correct or make us delete any information we have about you and can share any concern about using your personal data by us.

You can do communication opt out if you want to. By following the opt-out instructions emailed you can easily unsubscribe.


External Links

The Best Barcode Reviews inserts links to another website. You can see some links on our site that leads to pages of third parties.  We may share accumulated information about related website information with the affiliate’s third party. But we assure you that this information will not contain any personal identifying data, except for as told in this privacy policy.


Social Plug-ins

In bestbarcodereviews.com, we have usage of social plug-ins of the social networks like- facebook.com, Google plus, twitter etc. You can be directly involved with these social media plugins.


The appearance of Ads and Services

We may utilize your data to improve our commercial and measurement construction to benefit you by the appearance of relevant ads that comes with on and off services and amplitude the efficiency and influence of ads and services. You can instruct the ads you see.



The security and privacy of your personal information is our first priority. When we receive any sensitive information like credit card date- we encrypt and transmit them in a secure way. They are protected online as well as offline.


For Users Knowledge

We have completely legitimate to change our website at any time without any notice. And also if we feel the requirement we may re-correct our privacy policy anytime. We will let you know through email if we make any noticeable changes from our website.

Added Information

To assure the improvement of the service and the active progress of the internet, we may need to modify our privacy policy. You will be kept updated in time to time with the latest approach to our website.


For any inquiry or questioning about our website related issues or any question about the privacy policies, you can contact us via sending an email.