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Scanner Not Working? How To Solve Scanner Problems?

Electrical devices are versatile until they work smoothly. Once they give disturbance it is very irritating and frustrating. That hampers business or official workflows.

Here, today I will highlight scanner issues and their resolutions.

Scanner devices are essential in digitization image, assembling and confabulation. It is a hardware system that optically reads an image, or a document and makes a digital transcript of it.

So, when you find this really helpful device at a problematic stage, it is quite obvious to be mad at them. In this article, I will describe scanner problems as well as their solutions that are primarily possible.

Scanner Not Working?

Scanner Problem and Solution

The most frequently asked question from the scanner users is – scanner not working? What to do?

Don’t do panic reactions. You are using your high tech scanner in the daily working of your business issues; it is common that there will be sometime when something creates disorders.

When this disorder occurs to your scanner at first you should make confirm few general checks. I have three easy steps to primarily check on the scanner’s working failure. They are-

  1. At first turn off your scanner and then turn it on again with the button on top or at the side of your device.
  2. There may be no data connection or disable data. Check on that.
  3. Check whether your scanner is active or not. As you won’t be able to scan while switch off. Your scanner will pass-codes and show a message like- “please scan an activation code “.

Obviously, you are relying on a dependable, good quality scanner to carry on your regular business workloads by transferring digital imprint. Don’t be restless when this daily working device gets decay for any reason.

How To Solve Scanner Problems?

epson scanner problems

Scanners have bought revolutionary changes in your office decorum. But when you connect this to a regional office network, common issues appear like connection failure, constant paper blockage, bad scanning quality and problems with job sequence while running scanning. However, these are very inconsequential in type and you can resolve these without the interference of the expert technician.

  • Connection Failure

This problem appears due to a faulty connection. This issue may appear in the mode of non-presence of voltage or power or electronic contact; in maximum cases, unconstrained or negative signal stability appearing from the system. It is a common issue with the office crews as they are not technologically imbued and moreover they cannot upgrade the signal.

  • Paper Blockage

This problem may occur even every day if you don’t properly maintain, keep clean or go through with necessary servicing regularly. Paper blockage mainly happens due to the rubbery roller that takes the paper inward the device. Keep in mind that paper is hard and erosive and a lengthy connection with paper leads the roller bed to lower its ability to clasp and progress paper. You should change the roller within a certain period before this problem increases insignificance.

  • Bad Image Quality

This issue sometimes appears if you don’t clean the glass of scanner device perfectly. The other reason disclosed if the scanner has not gone through an assessment which will affect as blurred and perplexed image.

  • Job Progression Point In Question

This problem is related to the lap of accessible memory. This cause because the scanner needs to operate multiple applications to consignment the conventional output. Generally, when you are giving instruction of multi-scanning jobs in the progression, your scanner needs an upgrading to solve the operational malfunction.

  • Scanner Functional Problem

Your scanner may create a problem at scanning to e-mail, FTP or folder function. You should check on the USB flash disk if it interfaces into the device. While you interface a USB flash disk, scanning operations except Scan to USB cannot perform from the control panel.

  • When The Scanned Image IS Blank

The scanner gives output of blank image when you place the original on the surface with the alternative front and back side. Place the original copy marginally down while you are applying ADF, place the originals print up-sideward.

  • The Start Pressing Light Is Not Working

When your scanner’s start pressing light is not coming on, check on whether the AC adapter associates with the device and you attach the electrical wire to the power outlet. Be sure that you initiate the scanner device.

Does Not Start Scanning Even After Pressing The Button

You may sometime face this problem that even after pressing the startup button the device does not start to scan. You can try these solutions-

  1. Be sure you instate the EPSON Smart Panel.
  2. If you are Windows XP user then click the “Events” tab on the scanner’s Properties duologue box and be confirmed that “Take No Action” is not elected. Also, check on you select the button in the Select an event list box and choose “Start this program”.
  3. If you are Windows Me, 98 and 2000 users, press the Events tab in your scanning device’s Properties duologue box and check on that the “Disable Device Events” checkbox is empty. Also be sure that you choose the proffered button in the Scanner events list box and select the preferred application in the Send to this operation.
  4. If you are Mac OS X users, while in the classic approach, the buttons are immobilized; so undo the classic mode.

Originally, only he who has established the related scanner software can run scanning using the buttons. The other person should start EPSON Scanner Monitor in the operation folder before applying the buttons for the very first time. And after that application related to it will start up auto by pressing a button.

  • Does Not Scan Multiplex Images

Sometimes you may find that your scanner is not scanning multiplex images. Place each photo about at least 20 mm distance from alongside photos. Be sure if you have selected to scan numerous images at once.

  • The Automatic Document Feeder Is Not Scanning

When this problem appears to check on which mode is to select- Office or Professional in EPSON Scan. Check on if it is at ADF in EPSON Scan.

If you find the Automatic Document Feeder is exposing then close it and try once again. If there is any paper blockage, clear that and then restart EPSON Scan.

These are the common scanner problems that you often face in your daily working hours. If you cannot resolve your problems still with these techniques then make a contact with a qualified customer support person for further help.

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