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How To Connect iPhone To Printer?-Best Barcode Review

As every work is now based on technology, you may need to print something from out of your working zone. It is not necessary to have a complete setup of the computer and printer. You can connect your iPhone to a printer and make your task easy. Here we will let you know how to connect iPhone to printer.


How To Connect iPhone To Printer


By connecting the iPhone to a host printer you can instantly give a print out of official papers or any other important documents, Instagram selfies etc. The latest versions of inkjet printers as well as photo printers have made the job easier with offering wireless printing from an iOS device, by incorporating AirPrint functionality and some third-party apps that utilize the regional Wi-Fi network to do the remote printing.


Connecting Through AirPrint

AirPrint supporting apps allow you to connect your iPhone to printer and print quality content and graphics without the errand of installing tools or drivers and setting up the configuration of the printer. Any model of iPhone, iPhone 3GS or any third-generation iPod Touch is suitable to connect with the upgraded model of iOS and AirPrint enabled printer. You can check the comprehensive list of all supportive devices in the AirPrint basic support page. No matter what you are using iPhone 5 or an 8 plus, the functionality of AirPrint is the for all iPhone models.


Connect Through Email

Another way of connecting your iPhone from anywhere of the world for printing is through email. Most of the Epson and HP’s upgraded version offers the feature of HP ePrint or Epson Email Print for printing no matter where you are just by connecting through email and emailing photo or document. It is a very simple connecting process that includes merely required connection through sending email to the compatible printer from your iPhone. But not all the printer models are allowed for this feature. Epson Expression, Workforce series and the latest HP printers offers you this simple yet helpful feature.


Connecting Through Third-Party Software

You can settle connection from your iPhone to the compatible printer by using directly printer’s manufacturer software or any third party software. The Presto and free iOS app are suitable for almost all printers. It is also available for Android and Chrome that allows connecting using the same Wi-Fi network as the printer or computer.

Otherwise, you can connect by using the apps of printer’s manufacturer- Epson iPrint or Samsung Mobile Print etc. Well, there is no certainty that the printing apps will support every model of printers neither the manufacturers provide any supportive app for their products.


Connecting Through Google Cloud Print

Well, you can do whatever want with Google and yes, you can connect to a host printer through Google Print Cloud. This will allow printing via any Google app such as the Google Docs, Gmail or Chrome browser. To get the connection you have to sign in your Google account and can print through Google Cloud Print with the support of any third party app.

So, now you know how to connect iPhone to a printer, without the need for a proper presentation of printer or pc. And this feature enhances your working efficiency since you can utilize it from any place you are right now.

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