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What Is Barcode Reader? How Does Barcode Reader Work?

In present days people are using Barcode technology in various types of industries to accomplish a versatile range of targets. In every field, we can observe the great use of the barcode. Like- in science industry the researchers have escalated small barcodes on bees to trace the insect’s procreating habits. Even in the USA military, they have made use of barcodes that are two foot lengthy to mark boats of fifty foot long in western point. The common use of barcodes in the health industry is the patient’s ID bracelets. The shipping industry is the biggest user of this barcode technology.

Barcode Reader is essential to make your industrial or business performance much more organized. They play a vital role and contribute with benefits in comparison to manually recording data. It has turned economically profitable since the computerized super shops are operating this at their pay out systems. With the expanded utility, they are natively attributed to as AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture).

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Barcode Reader is a smart method of reducing costs and preserving time in business. It is a worthwhile and profitable choice for business purposes. To make businesses more systematic and cost-effective Barcode Reader is in demand.

In this content, I will put light on what is Barcode Reader and how a Barcode Reader Works. You will get to know the details on it and have a clear concept of its working procedure.



What Is Barcode Reader


Barcode reader, price scanner or point-of-sale or POS- all are the same electronic hand-clutched or stagnant input machines.  They are usable for scanning and reading data held in a barcode. It contains a scanner, a decoder whether built-in or external and a cable operated to connect the device with a computer. Since a barcode reader solely captives and interprets the UPC in the direction of through to numbers or characters, the input moves to a computer where a computer program can prove out the data.

The barcode reader interfaces with a computer via a sequential port, keyboard port or a wedge that is an assemblage device. It ordinarily scans the barcodes maximum people intimate with like 1D or linear barcode. It shows like an image of side-by-side lines and gaps. The gaps are normally a silent zone and it prevents the scanner from reading any unnecessary data in the barcode reading. The bare space doesn’t forward any reading signal and this cause the name “quite zone”.

This linear barcode consists of 20-25 signs. In spite of their lower capacity of data still today people are using it worldwide. Compare to this 2D barcodes have bigger storage ability and save data in both horizon and vertical shape. While linear barcodes are readable through a simple barcode reader, 2D barcodes need image scanner to read.


Function of Barcode Reader


Basically, there are five categories of barcode readers, such as-

  • Pen Wands
  • Slot reader
  • Charge-coupled Device scanner or CCD
  • Image scanners
  • Laser scanners

The most simple barcode reader is the pen wand. It is famous for its lower cost and constancy. Since it doesn’t consist of any moving partition it has to grasp on a certain corner and then run over the barcode at a definite speed.

The slot scanner is motionless. The user has to clasp the object with hand over the slot. We generally use it to read barcodes on ID. With eliminating the chances of error the CCD scanner is better in readability range. We can often observe its use in the retail business.

The laser scanner, whether hand-pulled or immobile, easily scans the barcodes up to 24 inches distance. Similarly, the image scanner or camera reader can scan the barcodes from the distance of 3 to 9 inches. It is comparatively less expensive than the laser reader.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of barcode readers, let’s learn about how barcode readers work.



How Does Barcode Reader Work?


A barcode is indeed an intelligible concept that gives every object its individual number and then set the number on the product so that an electrical device can scan it. It has solved the problem we face if we could simply put the number on the product. As we know the decimal numbers are easily confusing, like an over sighted eight can look like three and a six appears nine when you turn it in another way to the device.  A barcode fulfils the demand of accurately high-speed readable printing numbers.


How to Read a Barcode


Barcode readers have 3 operative parts, they are- illumination process, the sensor and the decoder.

Barcode reader starts its processing with a red light by flashing the code.  Then the sensor identifies the flashed light from the illumination system and produces an analogue sign with the different voltage that refers the intenseness or lack of intenseness of the contemplation. With the sensor, the analogue signal is converted to a digital signal which has sent to the decoder. The decoder translates the digital signal, completes the required task to confirm and approve if the barcode is comprehensible. And then converts the signal into ASCII test, after formation the transcribed text, delivers it to the computer the reader is associated to.

Barcode readers scan and transcribe the barcodes from the image you provide into alphabetic digits. Depending on the model of barcode reader the information is sent to the attached computer via a wired or wireless connection. This scanned digits represents individual items and their further information like the price, how many of the items in storage, description of the object and sometimes a preferable picture.

Barcode readers are a great contribution to the businesses to keep the tracked index in and out of the store, confirms the safety of supply from stolen by employees or any other. It has reduced the chances of human error. A barcode reading is quick, dependable and takes apparently less time than manually indexed data. For fast and secured business working environment barcode reader is simply the imperative.

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