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Honeywell MK5145 Barcode Scanner: Specification And Function

Honeywell MK5145 barcode scanner is alternative to CCD scanners and comes with low-cost laser facility. With just pressing one button its compact factor and high tech features allow to use this in multiple applications.

Honeywell’s Eclipse MK5145 is a hand-held barcode scanner with single-line. As it is engineered with Honeywell’s licensed CodeGate technology, this device offers the users the easy target feature on the desired barcode and through a single button pressing compilation of data transmission. For menu scanning, document processing, inventory control and point-of-sale- this Eclipse is just the appropriate one.

Compare to a traditional CCD scanner it offers a longer range of working as well as an extensive scan field. Let’s explore all its specifications and functions at a glance-


Honeywell MK5145 Barcode Scanner



  • Dimensions: 2.0” (H) x 2.5” (W) x 6.7” (D) or 169mm x 63 mm x 51mm
  • Weight is 3.5 oz
  • Single scan line pattern
  • 72 scan lines per second scanning second
  • 50-degree horizontal scanning angle
  • Capable of reading standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies
  • 0 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius temperature of operating
  • 40 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius temperature of storage
  • Non-condensing 5% to 95% comparative humidity
  • Designed to resist 1.5 m or 5’ drops
  • Sealed to withstand airborne rugged contaminators
  • 4842 Lux of light levels




  • Honeywell’s licensed CodeGate Technology

This functionality leads the device to do data transmission through just one pressing of a button. This makes it perfect for utilizing for the application of menu scanning.


  • Auto Code Sensibility

The Honeywell MK5145 has the auto code sensibility that provides auto waking from sleeping mode whenever it detects a barcode.


  • User- replaceable cable

This barcode scanner uses the same Powerlink cables that are able to replace by user and power supplies such as Orbit and Voyager.


  • ROM Flash

Through MetroSet2 software and standard PC, this scanner assures POS investment along with firmware upgrading.


  • Compatibility of JPOS and OPOS System

With the JPOS and OPOS system compatibility, the MK5145 can be simply adapted to any environment of the end-user system.


  • Wider Scanning Field

The Eclipse 5145 offers the long scanning field than the traditional CCD scanner. The scanning line width increases as the barcode scanner step more away from desired barcodes.



The Honeywell MK5145 barcode scanner is a user-friendly, portable and comfortable device to use. With a bunch of amazing features, this scanner has made its place for accomplishing multiple applications. This MK5145 is an incredible combination of CodeGate with CodeSense and helps to lessen fatigue with the support of remote-control option.

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