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Difference Between Barcode Reader And Scanner

Difference Between Barcode Reader And Scanner

Barcode Scanner VS Barcode Reader

In common words, there’s no dissimilarity between Barcode Reader and Barcode Scanner. Though few people use to calling barcode reader as the barcode scanner, both are same. Therefore there is no difference between these 2 terms. One mustn’t get confused concerning their variations. It’s solely what you decide to call a barcode reader you’ll decide it a barcode scanner or barcode reader no matter you would like.


A Barcode reader conjointly referred to as a Barcode scanner, is indeed optical readers that to reads barcodes via optical device beams. A barcode is a recognition code that consists either of a collection of vertical lines and areas of various widths or a two-dimensional pattern of dots, squares, and different pictures. The barcode represents information that identifies the manufacturer as well as the item. A more modern sort of barcode, referred to as a 2-D barcode, will store far more information than the normal linear Product Code. Producers print a product code either on an item’s package or on a label that’s mounted to a product.


So basically, whether you say barcode reader or barcode scanner is the same fundamental devices that read or scan the Universal Product Code through producing leaser lights or digital camera. The dissimilarity is laid just in the names. The operating functions of all the barcode scanners or readers are genuinely built on the same base fundamentals like producing a beam of light, detecting the codes and then send that data to the host computer and display the product information.


However, there are various types of barcode scanners or readers that offer particular features and suitable for different purposes. They come with specific functionality options to provide support for barcode reading or scanning at various sectors like retail stores, big industries, commercial places etc.

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