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Top Common Printer Problems and Solution

Common Printer Problems: In present days at almost everywhere, either in big industries or for small business purposes, we can see the printer as essential equipment. For an organized workplace you have required a printer or multi-serviceable unit. Your printing device may get crazed despite taking proper care of it.

Any electrical machine is unpredictable. Printers can bring on confounding extension of problems. Don’t worry. Don’t think of throwing them out or beat them up. They can get made at any time. But it is possible for you most of the time to fix them up.

In this article, I have discussed those everyday issues that collapse your usual working hour. You can resolve them with some simple troubleshooting without the help of an expert technician.

Unless it is complicated hardware or software related issue, you can fix it through my article. Let’s know about the biggest common printer problems and how to solve these.


Biggest Common Printer Problems



Common Printer Problems and Solution


  1. No Printing Result From The Printer

 Sometimes your printer may not respond to your “print” command. There is no defect indicating message showing for the problem. Still, there is no result.

You have to confirm whether the printer is plugged into through USB or Internet cable. If your device is communicable without material contact, then stress about the Wi-Fi connectivity is all right.

You must install the printer operator as well as the operating system on your computer. Sometimes the printer operator can get deprived. In that case, reinstalling the printer driver would be good.  Take a review on the assembler’s download verso for the updated version.

If the result is still the same, go the printer’s customer manual and inquiry the troubleshooting part.


     2. Showing Warning Message Of Ending Ink

If your printer is showing a warning message for expiring ink, don’t worry. Don’t need to hurry to change the cartridges. In most of the updated printers, there is a kind of ink container level signal. They show you cautionary messages when the ink level is down.


       3. Slothful Printing Speed

Your slothful network printing can reduce the performance of your workflow. Though every printer is not the same, your latest model printer can create any delaying in print. However, you can boost it up.

You can speed up the printing output by lowering print character. Go to the properties settings, decrease the print quality, set it in draft form and observe if the faster production is satisfactory.

The quickness of printing output relies upon the number of visuals and content are on every page. Page quantity is also a fact. You can share the duration to print in part by composing two content pages to one individual sheet.


      4. Printing Function Blockage

Blockage in the printing function makes your work time so poor. It is a bad experience for all printer users. Sometimes overabundance the paper carriage is the reason for the paper blockage. Check out that the papers are placed accurately into the tray. Before starting printing test the printer for any junk. Earlier paper blockage ripped paper, or any other substance can create coming back of the obstruction.


       5. Bad Quality Print Out

Although your printer is acting well, you are facing problems with a bad quality print out. This makes your best content view awkward and incompetent.

Review the print operator if the appropriate media is preferred. Recheck that the paper charged in the plate is similar to the preferred type in the printer operator. If your device’s fuser allows manual resetting, be sure that it is fixed. Also confirmedly make checkup the ink cartilage as well as the imaging unit.


       6. Wireless Functional Issue

If your wireless device won’t relate to the computer is disturbing to resolve. In the meantime, you have reviewed Wi-Fi and data settings, maybe restarted your pc as well as the printer. However, the outcome is still the same.

At first recheck the internet settings. If the modem is working on, then recheck the password is accurate. When all these are all set, you can operate troubleshooting the issue online. Restarting the modem, computer and printer are the simple suggestion to this problem.


       7. Print Out Through Wi-Fi Takes Much Time

It is fantastic to print out from mobile, laptop or iPhone, iPad through the Wi-Fi connection. But sometimes it can cause delaying in print out.

Take your printing device near to your Wi-Fi device to make higher the connection and to lessen the output time. I will suggest you another way to develop the Wi-Fi performance which wireless print out commits. To confirm that your Wi-Fi device is competently backing 802.11n and provides the 5GHz line as well as 2.4 GHz.


        8. Its Expenditure Is Too High To Print

Depending on the ink and cartridge, the expenditure on per page printing is too high. But there are a few tricks you can apply to reduce the cost.

Decide before you set for print whether you required printing the complete content or some pages of that. Only give the copy out of your required number of pages. Keep the edition out setting in draft mode until you need presentation quality printing.

Do two sides printing if your printer allows you. This will help you to save using a large number of papers. Keep in mind that turn on the simplex and quality mode only when you require it.

At the time of purchasing a new printer, always choose the right quality printer. It may be a little bit pricey, but its expenditure will be the money saving for you.


  9. Printing Difficulty from Mobile Device To Computer

Most of the latest models of Wi-Fi printers are enabled of AirPrint that allows the iOS devices users print on being the same Wi-Fi network of the iPhone or iPod and the printer. But depending on the specific situation you can print from mobile even with a non-Wi-Fi printer. You can make a print with the support of some third party apps from your mobile or Smartphone and sometimes these released apps are a better option compared to AirPrint.

It is possible to print to the non-Wi-Fi printer as long as you have a wireless network access point through the programs that insist to install on a networked pc for a utility. For example, Cloud printing services like Cortado ThinPrint Cloud Printer as well as Google Cloud Printer access through platform and device category and also with non-Wi-Fi printers too. This solution inclines insubstantial to printing from a defined apps set.



  1. Poor Photo Print Quality

If you are having a poor quality of photo printing then check on that you are making printing on an appropriate kind of paper. Normally, the branded photo paper of the manufacturer of your printer is better than any outside papers. And sometimes your printer may prefer for any recommended specific paper. Make sure that while photo printing you select the right paper type. If high category photo setting is possible, you may try that. Moreover, you can use a faucet cleaning and print head calibration.


  1. Paper Jams Issue

Though paper jams issue is almost rare nowadays but still occurs. Misalignment is commonly responsible for this. You should be sure before putting papers in the tray if the paper is square off. Check on the guides is abundant with paper, and evade the tray from over-filling.

The printing device has lessened your half workload. It enhances your working efficiency. But if it doesn’t work properly, it can be frustrating and irritating. To keep on discipline at your office and working environment smoothly running machines are essential. Now you know the common problems with your printer in this biggest common printer problems and how to solve these- article. Don’t get mad when it creates any hassle. Just take a deep breath in and try to find out the primary cause of your printer’s issue.

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