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Bluebird RFR900 Specification & Function

Bluebird RFR900 is a high quality and popular barcode reader. It inserts UHF RFID reading ability with the ergonomic handle design perfect for applications in allocation, manufacturing and sells. If you want to read barcodes, you have to push the side bottom to connect between barcode scanning and RFID.  You will get here the complete features of Bluebird RFR900 with its Specification and Function


Wireless RFID Reader Price




Long-rangeand high-speed

RFR900 unites the capability to read over 600 tags for every second and reading with high-speed with up to six meters reading distance. Bluebird RFR900 reader has the capability to store up 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode. Through this reader, you can insert extended selection UHF RFID reading ability to BM180, BP30, EF500R, EF500, and EF400.



This reader contains great RFID tag writing and reading performance through barcode scanning to Bluebird’s touch device. By using True VUE software seller can calculate cycle inventory accurately and rapidly. This comfortable and lightweight reader characteristic is a discovery range of up to 19.7 fits. It has proprietary Tank Smith equipment for manufacturing grade dependability for sells location.


Ergonomic RFID and Durable design

The RFR900 pistol grip let you put together long-range UHF RFID reading facility to BM180, BP30 EF500R, EF400, and EF500. It includes Bluebird’s original TankSmith features and technology to execute together at great heat and cold situation. The keyboard and the screen have protected from chips and scratches. It is mutual through a 5.5-inch complete high definition multi-touch display and very light and thin design. RFR900 include an ergonomic grip handle and UHF RFID reading ability.


SDK for easy integration

Bluebird presents a total set of APIs with advance kit(SDK) software. It makes the combination of RFID reading into several applications easily. The RFR900 Handheld Reader incorporates through True VUE Intelligence record software to assist genuine time get better operations,optimize sales, and progress the shopper experience and observable into the stock stage.


Industrialgrade Durability

The technology of Bluebird proprietary TankSmith denotes it is perfect for greatest dependability in hard and industrial atmosphere. Its IP54 rating features defend it from dust and water.


Intelligent charging

RFR900 is rechargeable with Bluebird’s BP30, EF500, EF500R, and EF400 series transform it suitable and easy charging.


Multimedia support for Easy use

The sensitive user interface makes CT281 simple to operate. The audio feature and 2.8-inch color screen allow for customer-based multimedia interactions such as brand messages and promotions.


Bluebird RFR900 Handheld RFID Reader



  • It offers Lower error, longer, faster, and more widened angle
  • TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence software enables real-time observably into store operations and retail stock
  • It presents excellent reading accuracy in both tag acknowledgment exactness and rate exactness
  • Youcan do whole data transference with principle built design
  • Thelightweight pistol grip has the highest portability
  • The Pistol grip handle is best for use in distribution,developed, and sell
  • The TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence software manages worker efficiency, better income, and customer pleasure




Accessories RFR900  

Data Capture   Imager 1D / 2D
Power  3.64v, 3050mAh
Technology     Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Reading range 20+ feet / 6 + m
Rudeness Falls 1.2 m / 4 feet. by MIL-STD 810G  
RFID performance Reading speed: 600 + labels / sec
Supported Host Devices EF400, EF500, EF500R, BP30  
Protection IP54 Sealed  
Dimensions 127.9 x 70 x 146.2 mm
Weight 328 grams


RFR900 adds UHF RFID reading ability to Bluebirds touch devices, which is made as a Resists dust and water through manufacturing status durability. All mechanism is considered by means of industrial and business purpose. This device has certified in the field to remove any probable missing. It makes the sure small smaller number of operational missing and downtime. The holder achieves fewer whole cost during the entire procedure, in the effect.

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