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Inkjet or Laser Printer-Which Printer Best For You?

It is an all-time chasing question that which printer is best for you. Which one you should buy- laser printer or Inkjet printer. And, yes it is a matter of great debate. You have to select the right kind of printer according to your working category and demand and choosing the right one can be so confusing. But we are here to make that decision of yours easy with the brief discussion on Inkjet printer or Laser printer. You will come to know all the purposes, benefits, pros and cons, why they are better – all these facts in this article.

laser printer vs inkjet printer


Inkjet Printer vs Laser Printer

To decide which one is suitable for you, you must know their differences. And as this is about selecting the appropriate type of printer for your business or personal uses, you have to find out there internal differences, specialties and features if they suit you.

Let me tell you first that the Inkjet printer and the laser printer both are high configuration printers with great features. But it is certain to have several dissimilarities between them. We will now discuss on that.

The first difference comes in their nature of printing. The Inkjet printer prints out images by dripping spots of ink on the paper, on the other hand, the laser printers accomplish printing by indicting paper to toner molecules through laser ray.

Here is a try to make the difference between Inkjet Printer and Laser Printer; which understandable for you-

No. Inkjet Printer Laser Printer


Suitable for photos and pictures, heavy contents and regular documents Suitable for contents that are generally text, specifically with small print type as well as fine lines.

Its cartridge contains two types of ink- pigment and dye. Among these two types pigment ink affects with fading or damaging by water at a lower amount.

As this printer uses toner cartridges so they don’t get smudged.


There are various sizes available for Inkjet printer. As they also come in small sizes that fit easily for home purposes.

They are literally large to use at home; except if they are single functional or compact designed printers. But at the end, they are as same size as a big Inkjet printer.


Capable of printing all type of papers including composed stationary, envelops, fabric papers and glossy photo papers.

Not capable of printing on materials that are sensitive to heat. Not suitable for all range of printing materials.

05. This technology is mostly used in printing photo on specific Matt or glossy type paper and perfect for color printing.

This printer is good at printing black and white items and suitable for small fonts as well as spreadsheets. Also able to provide color graphs, charts and so on graphics type images.


On the basis of their features, Inkjet Printer and Laser printer, they both are available in the form of all-in-one printer that provides the services of a scanner, copier, and fax machine in one device. You can get the facility of wire and wireless features in these two types of printers. You can select between them and also you can get the assessment of printing from Smartphone and mobile with a high-features category of Inkjet and Laser printer.

Now let’s talk about the cost comparison of them. As both their using sectors are different, the Inkjet printer is preferable in homely jobs or personal use where you need to do a limited printout, but laser printer is for official heavy duty where you need to work your printer very frequently. So their costs are suitable for their own purposes. Inkjet printers are reasonable in price for occasional purpose and Laser printer is worthy of the investment at frequent heavy duty.


Uses Of Inkjet Printer

Uses Of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer is mostly popular for using at home computers or for personal purposes. If you require making printout sometimes or occasionally and the work volume is lower every day, then this type of printer is just perfect. Though you will use it occasionally but remember to keep it in working mode regularly as there is a possibility of getting dry up the ink if you don’t operate it regularly. Otherwise, the investment you are going to make for an Inkjet printer will worth you.

While you are thinking to select a printer for the colour photo printing, you can use the Photo Inkjet Printer. For good quality professional output at colour photo printing, the Photo Inkjet printers are specially designed and personalized. The Inkjet printer offers you printing out of clear bright photos with the tonal versatility and extendable blacks that will satisfy photographers.

The Inkjet printer is suitable to use on the variety of art papers and other types of papers. It is best to use this printer for colour-images. So for better quality photo print out and personal or home-based using The Inkjet printer is the perfect one.


Use of Laser Printer

Inkjet Printer vs Laser Printer

We can see the use of Laser printer in various companies, label making industry, and any creative company that make fliers as well as broachers or any stationery. This printer is famous for its durability in making good quality product printing. It uses the toner to printout and offers great efficiency at its features. You can also observe its use at mass production as it provides dry printing that is opposite to the Inkjet printer.

The Laser printers are basically known for printing a large amount of heavy-duty black and white as well as colour contents regularly. They are so perfect for the official uses. At a less time, it provides with a big quantity of workforce. And at the same time maintain the quality level.

As laser printers come with high resolution, and brilliant technical terms, they are suitable for sharp, clear product printing. Printer’s resolution depends on their dots per inch or DPI that remains as one of the features of the printer. You get the functionality of printing any image or graphics with the highest DPI.

Now people not only use the Laser printer at home, they also use it at home as some of the laser printer categories comes in the range of normal use. So people can afford using it for their personal purposes at home or home-based businesses with a reasonable investment. They may not as like as the high volume industrial type but contain that each attributes that makes that laser printer suitable for homely use.

However, while choosing between the Inkjet and Laser printer, besides the other facts, you need to think about your budget too. The Inkjet printer is generally cheaper in price compared to the Laser printer. The toner cartridge price is more than an ink cartridge. But the Inkjet printer is cost-consuming while using for occasional purpose and the laser printer is cost-effective at a high productivity working place.

We make you acknowledged with every side while choosing between Inkjet printer and laser printer. Now you know the differences and their uses, so it is easier for you to decide on any one of them that suits your criteria. The decision always depends on what you print and that’s quantity. Before purchasing a printer or being stuck in any present situation depends on your consideration if you want to be with your current type of printer. Corporate or industrial busy workflow needs something very efficient with the capability to match with the heavy load. And exactly the same happens at personal use; you don’t need to bring on an extra qualified printer for your small, personal needs of printings. For homely printout, school project printings, industrial purpose printings- all these categories are individual that need specific functional printer among Inkjet printer or Laser printer

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