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What Are The Best All In One Printers For A Business?

The uses of electrical devices such as a printer, scanner, fax machines etc. are the common practice in the business places. You may know that using a device that consolidates a scanner, fax machine and a printer too is more convenient than using the individual of them. Exactly, that is why we are here going to discuss for you about All in One printer and bring on the light the best of All in One printer.



What Is All In One Printer


A device that centralizes the functionality of photocopier, scanner, printer and faxes into a single machine refers to a multi-functional printer or All in One printer. This printer provides all the printing needs through one device. They are perfect for budget-conscious business persons. If you want to organize your small business place then it is the better option for you.

The All in One printer performs all that functions that we can make out by separate exterior devices. Basically, an all-in-all printer consists of the following or at least two of them–

  • A printer
  • A scanner
  • A photocopier
  • A fax machine


Best all in one printer for business


Generally, a multi-functional device has a base activity with one or various efficiencies. They are like-

  • Digital Photocopy Machine: By scanning and printing it builds copies on the computer. In an extension of scanning and printing, it may add fax and other official hardware like a stapler.
  • Fax Machine (Multi-functional printer): Fax machine that appears as a normal fax but correlates with a computer for input or output, printing, scanning and copying data.
  • Printing/Scanning/Copying (Multi-functional Printer): Provides all the services of these three machines – scanner, printer, and copier and intermittently fax machine as well.

The tradition of using the All in One printer in business or official purpose is now on the hit track whether the organization is big or small. It saves your office space, budget and annoyance. A small business may not have that big room or space for particular three or four printers, scanner, fax and photocopy machines. And moreover, they have to keep in consideration the budget limitation.

Not only are the budgets or space issues on the list. There are more advantages of multi-functional printer machine. This is easy to maintain. You don’t need to install different software for four of them. And can avoid purchasing a lot of toners, paper and other accessories related to them. The best thing about an All in One printer is that it expands less electricity than separate three or four machines.

It is a great experience with the All in One printer that you can anytime incorporate multiform functions in one machine. And in one machine you are enjoying the facility of shorter space, low cost and when it is about operating systems and supports you face less hassle.



Some Best All In One Printers For Your Business


The All in One printer is user-friendly and provides you advantageous as well as the centralized working environment. It has all that convenient functionality that an organization needs. However, you may find it overwhelming to find the best one among the zillion models and features. Here we are to make your task easy.

While you are up to purchase a multi-functional printer, there is so much to consider about. Like, its functionality, features, Print engine and the printing resolution, and it’s all over performance. Let’s know about the best All in One printer for you based on these categories.



HP PhotoSmart 7510 All In One Printer


HP Officejet 7510 Review


The HP PhotoSmart 7510 All In One Printer is popular for its automated document feeder or ADF and paper holding ability. They are best to use both at home and office purposes. If you ask its speciality, I must recommend its beautiful photo printing with a large touch-screen and you can enjoy the facility of print as well as web application services of HP’s.

This All In One printer is capable of running HP’s Web applications. Several of them come pre-installed like- Snapfish, Facebook, QuickForms, DreamWorks, Tabbloid, Crayola and Travel Guide. These apps appear at the upper side of the 4.3-inch touch LCD screen as roundabout style.

The most interesting part is it allows HP’s ePrint. You can send through email files in attachment to any singular address that HP accredits to the printer and it will give the print out that email as well as the file. This HP 7510 All In One printer is adaptable to Apple’s Air-print. It allows the user to command straight from an iPhone, iPad, iPod as well if it is on the same Wi-Fi network that the printer shares.



  • Dimension – 8.7 x 17.9x 17.7 inches
  • Weighs is 18.5 pounds
  • Memory storage is 256 MB
  • Printing resolution is 4800×1200 DPI
  • Printing speed for black 33PPM and for colour 29PPM
  • Allows A3, A5, A5, A6, B4, B5 size paper
  • Paper tray contains 250 sheets



  • HP ePrint capability
  • Flatbed Scanner category
  • Able to do colour printing as well as black
  • Completes fax functionality through Wi-Fi
  • Air-print enabled
  • Provides 1 year warranty period


As it doesn’t have USB thumb drive port or Ethernet, it is perfect for home use. On the second point, its paper volume and computerized document feeder make it suitable also for home-based office use.

There may be any deficiency in an electrical device but although that the HP PhotoSmart 7510 All in one printer supports you with high-quality photo and practically fast speed. Its big touchscreen interface and ePrint capacity make it one of our lists of the best All In One printer.


HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All In One Printer

 hp officejet 8720


The supersonic and practical inkjet multifunctional printer that suits your home-office and small business is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All In One Printer. From the review history, we refer to this as the bigger A4 inkjet All in One printer. Its design is perfect for an active small office works and supports both the wire and wireless network.

There is a plane bed scanner that contains a 50 sheet automated document feeder or ADF at the upper side of this printer. The printing paper tray holds 250 sheets but when need, you can adjoin another tray. It allows printing, copying, scanning or faxing both-side of the document as it supports computerized two folding. This All In One printer is pre-installed with HPDropBox, HP Google Drive, and Microsoft DotNet.



  • Combines of print, copy, scan, and fax.
  • It can copy the highest 99 copies.
  • Fax transmission speed is 4 sec per page
  • Fax memory is maximum 100 pages
  • Printing speed ISO is up to 24 ppm (black) and 20 ppm (colour)
  • Lightening speedy both-side printing at 20 ppm
  • Proper-size flatbed
  • Able to mobile printing
  • Dimensions for desktop footprint: 19.7 x 17.7 x 13.4 inches and for duplexer form-in
  • Weight- 33.02 lb
  • Resolution (black): 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Resolution (colour): up to 4800 x 1200 augmented dpi on HP Prior Photo Paper
  • CGD touch screen of 4.3”
  • Processor speed 600 Mhz
  • Standard connection of 1 USB 2.0; 1 Host USB; One Ethernet; 1 Wireless 802.11 b/g/n; 2RJ-11 modem supporting ports.
  • Maximum memory: 256 MB
  • Scanning resolution: up to 1200 x 1200 dpi



  • Affordable All In One printer that maintains your budget. It provides you with 50% less expensive for per page with professional colour quality and saves ink up to 50%.
  • It has an innovative design for great office output
  • With speedy printing capacity, wafts through multiple documents with both-side scanning and a combination of 50-page computerized documents feeder or ADF
  • Allows you to print through a touch of your NFC-capacitated mobile to the printer without any need of company network.
  • Easily prints contents, images and more items from different devices like smartphones, tablets.
  • With HP Jet-Advantage Private Print system it preserves your information and approaches to intimate print works.
  • Capable of mobile printing such as HP ePrint, Apple Air Print, Mopria- accredited.


The HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All In All Printer is a completely dependable all-rounder. This provides not only affordable printing costs but also good printing quality as a reliable business partner.



HP Envy 5540 All In One Printer


HP Envy 5540 All In One Printer


The HP Envy 5540 is a middling quality and efficient all in one printer with an extraordinary design at a noticeable price. It is a user-friendly multi-functional printer that you can operate through a 5.6 cm mono touch screen.

The printing quality is satisfying. The documents’ text looks acute and bold and you can easily read the contents. You will be so pleased with its good quality photo-montage rendition. Coloured documents are cleanly delivered.

The design, working capacity and other features indicate it more appropriate for home use rather than business-like purposes. Its paper handling options are moderately limited. It has no interface of Ethernet; either USB or wireless only. And moreover no fax option too.

This multi-functional printer is best for personal or home office use. With the excellent printing quality and beautiful design; it will catch your eyes on it.



  • Its function is print, copy, scan, web, photo
  • Copies highest 50 copies
  • No fax option
  • Dimensions: 17.87 x 16.14 x 6.14 inches
  • Weight is 15.04 lb
  • Resolution (black): likely 1200 x 1200 provided dpi while printing from a computer
  • Resolution (Color): Equal to 4800 x 1200 rendered dpi colour while print from a computer with 1200 input dpi on chosen HP photo papers and printing in Max DPI
  • Printing speed ISO: for black, it is likely 12 ppm and for the colour, it is up to 8 ppm
  • Display : 5.5 cm (2.2”) Mono LCD touch screen
  • Includes 2 (Main & Photo trays) standard paper trays
  • Capable of wireless /mobile printing through- HP ePrint, Apple Air Print, Mopria- licensed.
  • Consists of standard 128 MB DDR3 Memory



  • You can experience good quality printing after every use with a multifunctional design and reliable built-in specifications.
  • Very easy to use or create without any delay from a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • With a free HP multifunctional printer remote mobile application you can operate your printing jobs as well as scanning from your mobile.
  • With a beautiful look, it ensures you borderless printing, good quality photos and also laser quality contents.
  • One year of hardware warranty period.


Depending on the printing speed and quality this HP Envy 5540 All In One printer is very suitable for individual use. Its stylish engineering and various capabilities within a superb price will attract you.



HP OfficeJet 4650 All In One Printer


hp officejet 4650 amazon

The HP OfficeJet 4650 All In One printer leads your day to day productivity to a new emerge. This wireless multifunctional inkjet printer makes your everyday task easier with its great features and functionalities.

Whether it is your hectic office day or very active home-based office purposes, this amazing all in one printer is here to provide you with its efficiency and brilliant performance.



  • Functions are: print, copy, scan, fax
  • Maximum copies likely 50 copies
  • Able to do colour faxing and fax transmission speed is 4 sec per page
  • Fax memory is likely 99 pages and resolution is 300 x 300 dpi
  • Dimensions are 17.53 x 14.53 x 7.50 inches
  • Weight is 14.43 lb
  • Included software- HP printer software, HP update, OCR, HP photo creations
  • Printing resolution for black: 1200 x 1200 provided dpi while prints from a computer. Printing res. for colour: up to 4800 x 1200 rendered dpi while printing from a computer on indicated HP photo papers and 1200 input dpi
  • Printing speed ISO: Equal to 9.5 ppm for black and equal to 6.8 ppm for colour
  • Automatic two folding print
  • Capable of scanning to email
  • 35 sheet ADF
  • Provides borderless printing
  • With high output ink availability, instant ink accessibility



  • Very affordable and saves equal to 50% ink.
  • Delivers good quality printing output with every use with multifunctional design and dependable built-in capacity.
  • Provides easy access through any smartphones and tablets.
  • Borderless printing and quick connection with the simple setup from your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • While printing remotely the auto-deploying output tray protects your pages from falling on the floor.
  • Quickly handles multiple jobs with the help of the automatic document feeder or ADF.
  • Fits anywhere of your home or office space you need it, with its smooth all in one engineered structure.
  • Possible to print quietly with the use of the optional quiet mode without creating any disturbance.
  • Provides one year of warranty period.

The HP OfficeJet 4650 All In One Printer performs a new level of productivity with a user-friendly and simple way of printing. They are perfect for small business that needs an all in one efficient printing device that provides a professional level of output.



MFC-L 2710DW All In One Printer


Brother photosmart 2710 printer


The MFC-L2710DW All In One Printer is perfect for the active home and small workplace that requires a multifunctional peripheral. This is very simple in functionality, user-friendly, easy settings, and delivers professional category printing outputs. If you are looking for an extremely professional and efficient all in one printer then this will be ideal.

With its cosy size, you can place it easily anywhere in your home or office on a desk. The best part of this multi-functional printer is its silence mode that avoids any disturbance in a working environment.



  • 4 in 1 functions include- print, copy, scan, fax.
  • Comes with 2 line LCD display
  • Laser classification: 1st class Laser product
  • 64MB memory
  • 600MHz processor
  • Printing speed is up to 30 pages per minute and at lesser than 50 dB
  • Automated both-side printing
  • Big 250 sheet paper unit
  • 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder or ADF
  • Both built-in wire and wireless networking system
  • Consists up to 700-page inbox toner
  • Supported connectivity of AirPrint, Cortado Cloud Print, Google Cloud Print 2.0, iPrint & Scan, Mopria.
  • Copying resolution : equal to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 16.1 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
  • Printing resolution: 600 x 600dpi, 2400 x 600dpi (HQ1200)
  • Scanning resolution: From scanner glass equal to 600 x 2,400dpi; from ADF 600 x 600 dpi; While interpolated up to 19,200 x 19, 200dpi



  • Very productive and super fast in class printing likely 36ppm
  • Contains up to 50 sheets automatic document feeder
  • Inferior refills with 250 sheet paper capability
  • Allows wireless printing through your smartphones, tablet, laptop or computer.
  • With built-in versatile connectivity options and Ethernet combination, it connects to an individual computer through its USB port.
  • Saves paper by its automatic both side printing.
  • Maintains toner costs through toner save mode.
  • Twofold printing of 32 pages per minute
  • Flexible paper handling with the manual feed channel for different materials as well as sizes like envelops cardstock etc.
  • Easy access to multiple connection options
  • Provides extraordinary supports, absolutely free, online, call, or live chat for the help of your printer.

The MFC-L2710DW All In One Printer is designed considering for the need in homeowner or small office-owners. It provides the perfect professional-level printing output to cope with your workload.

All In One Printers, are a very essential asset for your business whether it is home-based or total corporate. Marking on their functionality and features it is mind-blogging to choose the right one. I believe from this article you get a primary idea on the best All In One printer.

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