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What is and What Types of Barcode Scanner Have

At present date closely every people everywhere knows barcode scanner. With this, we observe revolutionary changes in the way of packaging and transporting commodity. Through barcode scanners, we can automatically accomplish the identifying and tracking of merchandise, people, stock and property.

In here we are going to draw a clear concept of what are barcode scanner and their types.

what is barcode scanner


What Is A Barcode Scanner?

To easily make identification and other related information of any item or product, in modern days using barcodes are very common practice.  In various industries, such as- travel, production, pharmaceutical, entertainment, death care, law and many other sectors, we find the use of barcode scanning.

Barcode scanner is a digital device that reads the barcodes levelled on any product or item and translates them to an alphanumeric number. Then the scanner moves the information to a computer directory through a wired or wireless connection. These digits represent the particular item, and the transcribed numbers of the barcodes bring up in the database of the connected computer with additional information like- price, quantity, item description, sometimes a picture or remark.

The barcode scanners basically scan the barcodes that we are normally familiar with such as- the 1D or linear barcode that looks like a graphics of lateral lines and spaces. Nowadays we can see the use of 2D barcodes that are capable of storing information both horizontally and diagonally.


What Types Of Barcode Scanner Have?

Barcode scanners usually are of the different model, sizes and categories. They are one lace fixed or hand-clasped; sometimes they come with the feature of fixing in a pocket. There is a great versatility in the market of barcode scanners. Let’s know their basic types here.

types of barcode scanner


Immobile Barcode Scanners

Immobile barcode scanners are fixed to a computer screen and transfer data when the user scans a barcode. This type of barcode scanners is suitable for works that require only one data item reading   at once. You can also fix it in a desktop or perpendicular holder or operate it by holding in your hand. We can see the use of this kind of devices at retail shops depart where they need to scan data barcode at a time.


Portative Batch Scanners

Portative batch scanners save data in their memory for transferring to a moderator computer later. They are capable of operating by battery and more durable than a steady scanner. The portative batch scanners also consist of an LCD monitor as well as the keypad. So that you can do your tasks even being away from the anchor computer. This scanner is available in three types, such as- hand-hold, and wearable and truck escalade style.


Wireless Barcode Scanners

The wireless barcode scanners also keep data in memory as similar to batch scanners. But what makes difference between wireless scanner and batch scanner is its real-time transforming data to the anchor computer. This scanner also contains other additional features, such as- text messaging, voice and elementary data support. And all the features it accomplishes through wireless LAN.  With its instant access to data, the wireless barcode scanners offer a high level of productivity.

Now you are familiar with the basic three types of barcode scanners. As I told you that the market of barcode scanners is full of adaptability, there are various barcode scanners of different models, designs and features that are beneficiary to particular work, environment and business. Let’s have a glance at them-


Restraint Barcode Scanners

The restraint or handheld barcode scanners are the mostly used barcode scanner that offers numerous features and functions with h both wired and wireless style. It is very easy to use. You can easily capture the readable image by using a trigger. You’ll get stands in case of hands-free activities. You can see this type of barcode scanners in retails, grocery shops, workshops or warehouses, medical and logistics sectors.


Mobile Computer Barcode Scanners

 The mobile computers barcode scanners are a combination of a computer and a scanning device in the same machine. This scanner comes with the cordless facility that allows the users to operate beyond four walls. It is more powerful than the traditional barcode scanners. By storing data in its internal memory, this scanner is capable of real-time transferring data through Wi-Fi or WLAN network. The mobile computer barcode scanners are perfect for those industries that require mobility for their tasks like- managing stock, tracking properties, remote workforce group, and voice technology-based companies.


Tablet Barcode Scanners

The tablet barcode scanners refer to a kind of mobile computer barcode scanner. The other name of it is a Rugged Tablet PC. They are more strong and durable with Windows, Android, and iOS software systems. This barcode scanner is suitable for the organizations that require their tablets and smartphones as more rigorous and durable.


Presentation or Counter barcode Scanner

As it is suitable to fit on the top of a counter, this scanner is hands-free, so the users do not need to hold this. Besides being stationary this scanner has a big reading area. The users can scan comfortably multiple products with a professional software installation. When a product goes in front of the scanner, it reads automatically without the need of pulling a trigger. Grocery shops and retail shops use these barcode scanners.


Fixed-frame Barcode Scanner

The fixed-frame barcode scanner scans barcodes through sensors by triggering while products go in front of it. Maximum devices have a laser scanning engine that the users need to frame at a definite angle as well as distance from the barcodes. Its design accommodates with a large automatic system. This very flexible and durable barcode scanner reduces the requirement of human interference.  For high productivity organizations, laboratories, kiosks, security identifying applications, vehicles- in these sectors these barcode scanners are popular.


Wearable Barcode Scanners

Wearable barcode scanners or back-of-hand scanner, you can wear them through a band with a small case that holds the barcode scanners. You can hold it either on the back of your hand or on your finger simply like a ring. And at the same time, it allows using the user’s hand freely. The user can operate it in both the automatic way and triggering way. This barcode scanner is most advantageous in voice technology using industries.

The various types of barcode scanners are contributing to different sectors of industrial, business and home business sectors. Even they are beneficiary for the healthcare, medicine and also in the military sectors. And for the particular sector, you need to select the right kind of device. And for that this concepts of the types of barcode scanners will lead you in the right direction.

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