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Avery Dennison ADTP1 Printer: Specification & Function

To make you experiencing the super fast and powerful productive among the RFID printer, we proudly mention the Avery Dennison ADTP1 printer. This printer offers you quicker, accurate and brilliant moving merchandise from the productivity side to the retail sector. This advanced solution vivifies barcode and printing, RFID, encoding and verifying them, cutting and assemblage activities including retail compliance, carton and pallet labeling, marking and tracking product level, hangtag printing, process tracking task and asset tracking with doubling the speeds of printing as well as encoding and comparatively 200% to 300% faster throughput .


adtp1 printer function


Here we have analyzed thoroughly the specifications and functions of Avery Dennison ADTP1 printer to get a clear concept-




  • Its dimensions is- 351mm x 292 mm x 546 mm
  • Weight is 36 lbs
  • User-friendly print head width- 102mm / 812 dots and resolution- 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) or 300dpi (12 dots/mm)
  • 64 MB SDRAM memory
  • 64 MB flash
  • Thermal Direct or Thermal Transfer printing formula
  • Supports 1-D and 2-D Barcodes
  • Printing speed- 2.5 ips (64 mm/sec)

                                       4.0 ips (102 mm/sec)

                                       6.0 ips (152 mm/sec)

                                       8.0 ips (203 mm/sec)

                                      10.0 ips (254 mm/sec)- only for 203 dpi print head

                                      12.0 ips (305 mm/sec)- only for 203 dpi print head

  • USB 2.0 device port , USB 2.0 Host port, RS-232C Serial Port
  • Double ribbon controlling system
  • With tilting no need any specific tool
  • Adaptable with EcoCapacity+ slender liner labels




The main vision of Avery Dennison ADTP1 is to accelerate the supply chain pursuance and hoisting up the experience of the consumer. We have pointed out the key functions of this elevating product.

  • Flawless RFID Printing: The ADTP1 offers patented flawless printing technology which is likely three times quicker than the old technological encoding printers. Moreover, its exclusory combined verifier of RFID EPC allows being sure of eliminating defective tags.
  • Decreases the Rate of Chargeback from Vendor: Its additional barcode verifier overbeats defective labels as well as tags for ensuring 100% scanability virtually which leads to decreasing chargeback for defective barcodes. The dominion fail-safe dot shifting autocorrect function reduces the chance of printing error barcodes.
  • Dynamic Processing Capacity: The Avery Dennison ADTP1 has dynamic internal supply processing capacity among the printers of similar class. Its backlit display combining three colours; offers quick visual printer status identification. Internal liner take-up diminishes waste compiling on floors for quicker and easier disposal of a liner.
  • Saves Time And Money: This barcode printer offers very fast processing speed that provides the biggest internal supply ability and also saves your time as well as money.
  • Easy To Use, Rapid Set Up And Switching: With the ultra-super media sensing method, this printer doesn’t need any operator sensor for adjusting easy using, rapid set up and instant print jobs switching.
  • Durability And Safety: The Avery Dennison ADTP1 comes with a metal covered body that provides the highest protection in the industrial workplace and the print head carrier, die-cast pivot plate of aluminium and supply holder elevates durability.

The simple yet powerful Avery Dennison ADTP1 is the top RFID encoding printer is the first choice of the engineers around the world that offers enhanced design and unique functionalities.

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