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A Brief History of Barcodes | Best Barcode Review

Today’s manufacturing industries and retail shops cannot do without barcodes and it seems like they were always been there from the very beginning. But the interesting thing is that, till the 1970’s barcodes didn’t have any impact. After 1974, the amazing thing happened as the first time barcode was placed on product and inauguration of the very first barcode scanner was held then.


History Of Barcodes


But the concept had been around relatively for a little while. In 1932, Wallace Flint realized that an automatic retail checkout system might be possible. Whereas his construct was deemed impossible, Flint continuing to support the concept of automatic checkout all along his career. Actually, Flint, who was about to become the vice-president of the association of food chains some forty years later, was involved with the development of the UPC code.


In the time of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s a few types of code formats were developed together such as numeral codes ,bulls”-eye code, and varied alternative formats. Before the industrial code applications are developed, retail applications herd the first technical development of barcodes.


From Where The Concept Of Barcodes Came First?

A local owner of a food chain store, in 1948 approached at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia to ask for researching on a method of reading product information automatically while checking them. Regarding this, a graduate student of the same institute, Bernard Silver along with his companion Norman Joseph Woodland made up a team and gave a try to bring out a solution.


Woodland brought on the proposal for the first time of using ultraviolet light sensitive ink that works like a prototype. But it was too expensive and rejected due to unstable.


In 1949, Woodland and Silver made it possible to build a prototype that works and they named it: article classification… through the medium of identifying patterns”. For their “Classifying Apparatus and Method” They were granted US Patent # 2,612,994 on 1952.



When Barcodes Were Started Used Commercially?

Though there was still to sort out few industry standards to make barcoding system acceptable in the entire industry, in 1966 it put its step as commercial use. Logicon Inc. improvised the UGPIC- the Universal Grocery Products Identification Code by 1970. An American company Monarch Marking was the very first company that produced barcode instrument for retail trade purpose using UGPIC and the British company “Plessey Telecommunications” produced it for industrial purpose in the same year.


A Kroger store at Cincinnati started employing a bull’s-eye code in 1972. Throughout that very same timeframe, a committee was established among the grocery business to pick a customary code to be utilized in the business. IBM projected a style, primarily based upon the UGPIC work and just like today’s UPC code. On April 3, 1973, based on the IBM proposal the committee chooses the UPC symbol just as the business standard. The progress of the system from then has prompted on the improvising of the other systems of coding. George J. Laurer is taken into account as the inventor Uniform Product Code or of U.P.C.


At Marsh’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio the primary U.P.C. scanner was equipped in June of 1974. And the product that at first used for barcoding was Wrigley’s Gum. To the market in 1991, there were first introductory installation of bars & stripes by Tippecanoe Systems, Inc. And from them, bar and stripes, as well as barcodes, have been the essential applications in the retail and manufacturing businesses.

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